Things to See

Things to see and do on Mitkof Island

Mitkof Island, named after an early Russian explorer, averages 3-6 miles wide by approximately 25 miles long. Roads are never far from the beach, providing spectacular vistas of nearby islands of conifer forest, ocean, ice fields and glaciers.

Petersburg, Alaska’s “Little Norway”, (pop. 2800), still has a rich Norwegian heritage. The people who live here, are friendly, hardy and outdoors most of the year, either working, playing, or subsisting off the land, and are fiercely proud of living in “Southeast”, the other Alaska.

Combined paved highway, gravel roads, and boat launches provide easy forest and water access to picnicking, fishing, wildlife and scenic viewing opportunities. Opportunities to view eagles, whales and other marine animals are plentiful, with increased activity in summer months along beaches and estuaries at dawn and dusk.

Trails, both improved and unimproved, provide hiking opportunities to shoreline, mountain tops and lakes. Some lakes have row boats available for use at no charge.

What to expect:

Southeast is a typical temperate rain forest of moist mild summers (70 to 120 inches of precipitation per year) with average temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. Summer arrives with the King Salmon in mid-May, and lasts through August when the fall rains begin. Fishing is still good until late September.

“Muskeg”, the predominant soil type, provides a microcosm of dozens of mosses, ferns, berries and miniature plants, changing color with the seasons, from spring green to gold to the bright fall reds.